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Keep control of your data and separate your personal and work identities
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Easy to use

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Sleek, modern design and cross-platform functionality for maximum efficiency on the move: Citadel Team is as easy to use as any of the leading public chat services.

Trusted community

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Just what’s needed, when it’s needed: Citadel Team guarantees trusted identity management and instant connectivity with work contacts from any organisation.

Service quality

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Quick and easy to deploy: Citadel Team is 100% SaaS, so it brings users immediate access to Thales security without exploiting their data.

What can we do with Citadel Team?

  • Connect via private chat, group chat, voice and videoconference.
  • Unify all your work contacts.
  • Synchronise your groups across all your devices.
  • Share documents in any format with direct access.
  • Secure all your groups and channels.
  • Manage access rights and permissions.
  • Search across all your groups, posts and files.
  • Integrate with your own applications via our APIs.
  • Interconnect : between companies and organisations

All your professional communities in one place!

Why switch to Citadel Team?

  • Free: Nobody should need to pay to be trusted.
  • Professional: Only accepts work email addresses.
  • Portable: No need to provide your private number.
  • Efficient: Makes life without email possible.
  • Cloud: Syncs across all your devices.
  • Trusted: Doesn’t exploit your data and meets the strictest privacy requirements.
  • Secure: Protects your data from hackers.
  • Open: APIs available to integrate with your own services.
  • Interconnexion : between companies and organisations
  • Data : location and separation guaranteed

Citadel Team: the trusted alternative to Shadow IT!


The right info at the right time, at every decisive moment.

See what it’s like having all your professional communities in one place so you can focus on your mission with complete peace of mind.